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Acapella Blues Improvisation
Popularized by: Led Zeppelin
Written by: (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)
Year First Appeared: 1969
Lyrics: This is an intrumental
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Performances in circulation: 30
Date Venue City Mode Length
May 30, 1969(1) Fillmore East New York, NY In Medley 00:25
Jun 20, 1969 City Hall Newcastle-upon-Tyne In Medley 00:40
Jul 06, 1969 Festival Field Newport, RI In Medley 01:10
Jul 20, 1969 Musicarnival Warrensville Heights, OH In Medley 00:20
Jul 21, 1969(1) Wollman Skating Rink New York, NY In Medley 00:51
Jul 25, 1969 State Fair Park West Allis, WI In Medley 00:32
Aug 18, 1969(1) The Rockpile Toronto, ON In Medley 01:15
Aug 18, 1969(2) The Rockpile Toronto, ON In Medley 00:53
Aug 31, 1969 Dallas International Speedway Lewisville, TX In Medley 01:03
Oct 10, 1969 L'Olympia Paris In Medley 00:45
Oct 12, 1969 Lyceum Ballroom London In Medley 00:48
Nov 05, 1969(1) Soldier's & Sailor's Memorial Hall Kansas City, MO In Medley 00:54
Nov 06, 1969 Winterland Ballroom San Francisco, CA In Medley 00:41
Jan 08, 1970 Colston Hall Bristol In Medley 00:41
Jan 09, 1970 Royal Albert Hall London In Medley 00:42
Feb 23, 1970 Kulttuuritalo Helsinki In Medley 00:37
Feb 28, 1970 K.B. Hallen Copenhagen In Medley 00:32
Mar 07, 1970 Casino de Montreux Montreux In Medley 01:02
Mar 09, 1970 Konzerthaus Vienna In Medley 01:10
Mar 10, 1970 Musikhalle Hamburg In Medley 00:28
Mar 11, 1970 Musikhalle Hamburg In Medley 01:43
Mar 12, 1970 Rheinhalle Dusseldorf In Medley 02:05
Mar 25, 1970 Denver Coliseum Denver, CO In Medley 00:40
Mar 27, 1970 The Forum Inglewood, CA In Medley 00:50
Mar 29, 1970 Hofheinz Pavilion Houston, TX In Medley 00:45
Apr 05, 1970 Civic Center Baltimore, MD In Medley 00:45
Apr 09, 1970 Curtis Hixon Hall Tampa, FL In Medley 00:40
Apr 17, 1970 Mid-South Coliseum Memphis, TN In Medley 00:48
Jun 28, 1970 Royal Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet In Medley 00:57
Sep 19, 1970(2) Madison Square Garden New York, NY In Medley 01:25
Audio Samples
'Led Zeppelin' Version from 'Jan 09, 1970'
Song Notes

This is a 'Pseudo Song' that was made up to describe the mostly Accapella section of improvised blues orientated vocal and guitar call and response between Robert and Jimmy during performances of How Many More Times during the latter half of 69 through the final show at Madison Square Garden on September 19th 1970, where How Many More Times was a surprise inclusion to the setlist as an encore.

I mapped out the song's beginning as the part where Robert says "See a little girl walking down the street..." Between this opening line and when the band comes back in it would usually run about 30-45 seconds worth of improvisiation. I couldn't find any songs that matched the lyrics close enough so I felt that I needed to create the Pseudo Song of 'Accapella Blues Improvisation'.

Sometimes, during this imrpovisation Plant would sing sections of other known songs such as 'Cocaine Blues' or 'I Think You Need A Shot'. In these instances I annoted the performances of these songs as sub medley songs within this particular medley song.